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For my client, Elia, I am looking for a Technical Copywriter on a freelance basis. We are also open for people looking to becoming digital consultants and work there as an employee of ours.

This is the job description :)

Mission description:
The Elia Group encompasses two major transmission system operators (TSOs) in two European regions: Elia Transmission in Belgium and 50Hertz Transmission, one of the four German TSOs in northeast Germany. Both TSOs operate at the heart of the European electricity system as they provide vital links between the various electricity producers and their 30 million end users. The Group’s high voltage network, with its intricately meshed 18,600 km grid, transports the electricity generated by the producers to the distribution system operators and major industrial consumers. In addition, interconnectors with several neighbouring countries allow electricity trade in wider European energy markets.

As part of its digital transformation, and as a frontrunner in the energy transition, the Elia Group is addressing disruptive challenges and improving its services via the delivery of new products using the latest technologies. Some of these products concern new platforms targeting the B2B2C marketplace. Through these platforms via API, energy service providers will be able to offer B2C services from new services put at their disposal “à la carte” or end-to-end.

The API technology and the related API-first principle applied at Elia Group require specific resources to complement the knowledge, competencies and skills of the current product teams. In that context, the Elia Group is looking for an API technical copywriter.
Service description:

  • Manage      simultaneous documentation projects, including building and running the      workflows where you engage with the engineering stakeholders across the      organization to raise the bar on and publish their content
  • Edit      and deliver technically accurate documentation to help developers      successfully adopt Elia Group APIs and services
  • Own      the editorial bar for the entire documentation set, including the      documentation architecture, editing and testing
  • Continuously      gather information from product owners, UX designers and tech support to      produce best practices and react to the needs of developers

Service tasks: (non-exhaustive)
As full member of our product teams, you will support them in:

  • With the help of UX designers, discovering and design the different services API: what-to?
    • Focusing on different targeted personae, both for private or public (partnered) API
    • Understanding the needs of the target developers using the Developer Portals and API-based products
    • Designing the range of APIs of the products and formulating the storytelling related to them
    • Coaching business analysts in their writing of API-first requirements
  • With the help of SW engineers, explaining how API-based products make usage of API: how-to?
    • Providing technical explanations of the integration of such API in third-party applications
    • Developing API documentation, including sample code in the most used coding languages, functions, parameters, methods, endpoints, product-plan-API schematics, versioning and error messages
  • Arguing for API usage: why-to?
    • Participating to answering questions on API usage
    • Providing sequential guidance towards successful usage of the Products and related API
  • Contributing to API exposure and promote the products related to these API
    • Describing use cases making use of API, Plans and Products made available by Elia Group
    • Deliver tutorials for users of Products and API developed by Elia Group
  • Raising the Elia Group’s knowledge with regards to API and unlock opportunities related to their usage

Hard skills:

· content creation and copywriting within an enterprise, professional services organization, or similar practice

· technical documentation creation for software products preferably APIs and/or SDKs preferably in the energy, banking or telecom sector

· working knowledge of documentation tools and repositories to develop templates, manipulate output styles, tag and manage technical content

· experience working directly with engineers and other technical subject matter experts

· language: English mandatory (French, Dutch and/or German is a plus)

Soft skills:

· customer-oriented

· fail-fast mindset

· autonomous and resilient

· pragmatic over dogmatic, doer over thinker

· team-player with positive and constructive attitude

· versatile, flexible and agile

· technology driven continuously learning

· able to present / communicate the designed solutions to business & technical audiences

Additional information:

· Start: ASAP

· End: 28/02/2023

· Workregime: full time

· Working location will be Brussels and Berlin occasionally (Travel costs will be paid by Elia).

Required skills


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