Calculate your tax savings thanks to author's right

By claiming the application of the author's right tax regime, you can pay less taxes. Calculating the precise amount of savings that can be achieved requires taking into account all the elements that you must declare but we propose a simplified simulator to give you a flavor of the advantages granted by this regime.
Our partner uLaw can help you determine the most optimal amount based on your situation and the work you do.

Author's right regime

Calculate how much can you save

In percentage of your time

Without author's right regime

With author's right regime

Author's right income



Income Tax

Net income

How much you could save

Take advantage of your copyrighted work

Contact our partners at uLaw to reach together the maximum amount you can really save based on your situation

Author right FAQ

Why is a lawyer needed rather than doing it myself?

The author's rights regime is subject to interpretation and requires knowledge in fiscal right, intellectual property right, and contract right. Going through a lawyer allows to massively reduce the risk of law interpretation

Who can apply for author's right regime?

Any "creator" is eligible, as soon as some of his earnings are due to a creation in the legal sense. Writers, designers, developers, project managers and other creative professions can apply for this tax regime as long as their work is the result of the exploitation of rights on a creation

Are there a minimum or limitations in the work time?

No minimum nor maximum. The author's right regime is quite wide

How long does it take for my request to be processed?

Our partner uLaw will process your request most likely within 2 working days. Then depending on your case, the lawyer will need between one day and one week. You can then use the author's right regime

Do I need to make a new request for every client?

No, the author's right regime is applied to you, regardless of the number of clients. You need only one contract for all your clients.

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The above simulator is based on simplified assumptions and therefore, does not provide an exact calculation of Belgian income taxes. It aims at highlighting the benefits derived from the application of the tax regime for author's rights on the basis of similar assumptions in both scenarii, except the difference arising from the application of this regime.
Social security contributions are calculated at a rate of 20% of the gross income (without cap) and income taxes are estimated withtout any deductions, tax credit, and application of other relevant peculiarities attached to the personnal situation of the taxpayer. Income taxes are therefore estimated at a flat rate (while they are in principle computated according to progressive rates per scale).
Neither beelance nor uLaw can be held responsible or liable vis-à-vis the above simulator which should not serve as basis for any action or decision.
If you consider applying the tax regime for author's rights, please take contact with a specialized lawyer.