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What kind of missions can I find on your platform?

You can find all types of missions in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg and some other remote missions in other countries. Either part-time, full-time, on-site, remote. Our clients are looking for IT and Digital profiles: data scientists, developers, business analysts, copywriters, marketeers, project managers, ...

The missions are updated every week and depend on our clients needs.

I don’t have any work experience; can I still find a mission on your platform?

Of course! We would be happy to help you find your first assignment! Our clients have multiple demands and they offer different types of missions.

How will I be notified when a mission matches my profile?

As soon as you have a matching rate of at least 60%, you will receive an email to notify you. That’s why it is important to have a qualified profile. If you match with less than 60%, you won’t be notified, and you will need to be more proactive on the platform to find what you are looking for.

Make sure to check your spam so you don't miss any opportunities!

I don’t find any mission matching my profile, how does it come?

To enjoy the full potential of the algorithm and the platform, it is important you fill all your skills in (soft and hard) and you add your language knowledge. Based on your skills, the algorithm will scan the missions and will calculate a matching rate. The higher the match, the better you fit the mission. We also advise you to upload your resume so the client can have a view of your entire career. You can also add the links to your portfolio and social media.

I have a low or 0% matching rate, but I’m convinced that the mission matches my profile and needs, what can I do?

If you have a low matching rate, it can mean that your profile isn’t complete enough. A little tip: check the skills asked in the missions, and if they correspond with your background, add them to your profile. It is important to have general skills as well as specific skills.

Do you need help optimizing your profile? Or would you like to receive advice to optimize your search? Send us an email without further delay:

What happens after I applied to a mission?

When you apply to a mission, the client receives your profile and your resume. He also gets access to your social media links.

Once he analyzed your application, he will send you a chat message and give you positive or negative feedback. If it’s positive, you will go to the next phase of the recruitment process. If it’s negative, you will get the details of his decline. You will be notified by email as soon as you receive a message, check your spam box!

I applied a few days ago but didn’t get any feedback. What can I do?

If you don’t have a feedback after 72H, contact us by email at and we will do a follow-up.

The daily rate is below my expectation, is it negotiable?

The daily rate mentioned in the mission is an indicative rate that the client proposes. Once you applied to the mission, you get in contact with the client and can negotiate your rate and conditions.

Does Beelance take a commission on my daily rate?

We don’t take any commission on the freelancers’ salary. The platform is totally free. Our business model is based on a subscription fee that our clients pay in order to hire good candidates.

What does « partial remote » mean?

Partial remote means that the client is flexible and open to remote work. Feel free to discuss in detail the work conditions directly with them.

How can I directly contact the recruiting company?

When you apply, you can send a first chat message to motivate your application, introduce yourself or ask your questions. If the client is interested in your profile, he/she will reach out via the chat. You will be notified by email as soon as your application status has been updated.


How can I complete my skills?

You can complete your skills manually, by adding them one by one. You can also import the data of your LinkedIn profile into your Beelance profile. After the import, you need to check the information and to correct them if needed.

What’s the difference between a hard and a soft skill?

A hard skill is a technical skill you learned, or you keep learning. It is something you can master and practice.

A soft skill is more a character trait, or a quality linked to your personality. Soft skills are also called “people/interpersonal” skills.

How can I score my skills?

We understand it’s not always easy to give a score to your skills, but you need to trust yourself and be confident. You can score 1 to your skill when you have a basic knowledge of it. A score of 3 can be used when you have a medium knowledge of the skill. A score of 5 can be used when you feel an expert in this field.

Can the client access my profile and resume without my permission?

The client can only get access to your information when you apply to his mission. Beelance isn’t a CV database and doesn’t want the freelancers to be contacted without their permission.

What does the badge "verified profile" mean? How can I get it?

The badge "verified profile" is a badge you can get if a reference has been taken by Beelance and if your profile is completed. The badge will support your application and show the clients you have a qualitative profile.

Why do I need references in my profile?

Trust is important to collaborate efficiently. A reference will support your applications and show the clients you have a qualitative profile. You will also be eligible for the certification of your profile.


I don’t have a VAT number; can I still use Beelance?

Yes, you can. When you create your profile, you will be able to view all the available missions and their details. But if you want to apply to a mission, you need a VAT number.

I’m not ready to become a freelancer, can I still apply on the platform?

Yes, you can. If you don't have your own VAT number and aren't ready to have your own right now, you can be helped by our partner Openwork. Contact us for more info or go to "my company" on your profile.

I am using a VAT number from SMART, can I still use Beelance?

Yes you can. Add your SMART company details on your account and start applying to the projects that fit your skills. Nothing is stopping you anymore to find your dream job 🤩.

My VAT number isn’t correct, how can I change it?

To change your VAT number, you need to contact our support team at


What can I find in the community tab on the platform?

In the community tab, you can access the exclusive advantages of our partners. Check this tab regularly because the offers are limited in time. If you have any questions, you can contact our partner directly.

How can I be in contact with other freelancers?

If you want to exchange about missions, accounting, events, news, tools,… with your peers you can join the community on Discord! Link is available in the community tab.


Is Beelance an intermediary between me and the final client?

Beelance doesn’t work as an intermediary. We give the freelancer and the client full independence. That’s also why you get directly in contact with them after you applied. We don’t intervene in the process, but we make sure both parties are accompanied in their search of the best mission and candidate.

What advantages can I get with Beelance?

When you subscribe on Beelance, you get access to an ecosystem of partners that will help you at every step of your career. Our goal is to become a Hub for IT and digital freelancers where you can find a solution to all your problems.

Thanks to our partners, you can benefit today from nice advantages: Trainings, advanced payments… and much more.

For more information about other advantages, go to our partners page.

I would like to delete my account; how can I do that?

Please send your request to and we will handle it as soon as possible.